Tux is a great dog! He shows well, has good recall, a lot of drive, throws gorgeous pups  (including blue eyes!) and is an all around gem.  Someone will be lucky to have him!

He is available to a breeding home for a reduced price of $1,500.

Star is a girl who is always willing to please.  She may not be comfortable doing something but she does it anyways to please you! She is championed and will go anywhere with you, if you ask her, but she is more than happy and prefers to stay home! She throws amazing puppies!  She is available to an approved breeding home (contact us for pricing)  or to a

retirement home for FREE.

Rafter JM Aussies Policies and Procedures

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Older Pups Available

Meet our Available Ladies!


Rafter JM Aussies' Foster/Rehome Program

Health Tested & Guaranteed

We health tested our adults with Paw Print Genetics and OFA and guaranteed our puppies. 

Multi Registered

We registered our Australian Shepherds with American Stock Dog Registry (ASDR), International Miniature Australian Shepherd Club (IMASC) and Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America (MASCA). 

Proven Performance

Not only was our breeding program rich in champion bloodlines, but the majority of our adult mini aussies had achieved their Champion titles, including National and International titles along with Best Of Breed & Best In Show awards!

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Mini Australian Shepherds

​​Welcome to Rafter JM Aussies

CH CH Lil' Hemi Wilson X Infinity's Oh Snap of Clay Creek

IntCH/L1CH Clay Creek Taylor Made Tuxedo

-ASDR Adult Level 1 Champion, North Texas Sunflower Classic, McKinney, TX  2022-

- 1st Place in 3-6 Year Old Male Class-

-IABCA International Champion, Lone Star Spring Sieger, Humble, TX 2022-
- 1st Place in the Open Dog Class Show 4 & 
2nd Place in Shows 1, 2 and 3-


We are glad you found us!  In 2022 we made the tough decision to end our breeding program and retire from the canine world.  Valuing the effort I put into my website and the wealth of information including pedigrees, genetic info, helpful links, etc. that I have put together for over a decade, I have made the decision to leave my website up for a reference for anyone that can use it.  I hope you find something useful!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! 

-Jenny Dow

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Jenny Dow

Updated:   02/01/2023  @ 11:22 AM CST   Scroll all the way down to see available dogs!

IntCH/NatCH Timberline Secret Agent Man X IntCH Rock'n C Brilliant Ziva
Rafter JM's Chew On This

Sometimes past puppies/dogs find themselves in situations where they need to be rehomed.  Maybe there has been a change in family dynamics, or an unforeseen event that causes a pup to need to be rehomed.  We don't judge, we welcome them back with open arms and find the perfect fit for them!  If you would like to be placed on a list to either foster or adopt one of these puppies/dogs, please contact us and let us know.   We are always happy to bring a pup back to us, regardless of age, but we also must protect our personal dogs and any dog that comes back here must go through a 2 week quarantine!  Add that to leaving the family that they have known and it can be a very stressful situation.  We try our best to place these pups quickly and, if at all possible, bypass the quarantine here at the ranch.  We don't typically have many rehomes, so you may be on a list for a while, but having a list of homes ready to accept these babies makes the transition on them much easier when they do come along!  



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What made
Rafter JM Aussies different?

Rafter JM Aussies FAQs

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Wrigley would do well in a kennel situation or on a place with acreage.  He is very much a one person dog.  He wants to be around, but on his terms.  HE IS STANDOFFISH! He is available to an approved breeding home for $1,200 or to a retirement home for FREE!

​​​​​Purchase Information


We now accept payment through CashApp, Venmo, GooglePay and GoodDog Payments!

*We make every attempt to represent our dogs accurately and use our experience to make educated predictions, but we can not guarantee size, personality or temperament.*

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History of the Miniature Australian Shepherd

Click the link to read about the History of the Miniature Australian Shepherd!

Meet our Available Studs

DOB: 2/26/2018

Status: Active
Blue Merle Female

Red Factored
Eyes: Blue
Bite: Scissor - full dentition
Height: 16 7/8"
Weight: 30.5 lbs 
Tail: Docked
Herding Instinct: Moderate

Full Panel Testing: CLEAR

*High Energy

Pedigree & Health Testing

Health Testing

Health testing has become increasingly popular in the dog world over the past 15 years or so.  But what do we do with this information?   Click the link to learn more about  Multi-Drug Resistance 1 (MDR1) and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), two of the common genetic mutations that can affect Australian Shepherds (of any size), the testing for them, and what your results mean. >>>  MDR1 & DM <<<

Miniature Australian Shepherds


DOB: May 31, 2022

Blue Eyed Blue Merle Male 

Sire: IntCH Clay Creek Taylor Made Tuxedo
Dam: Rafter JM's Sadie Bleu
Health Testing: Full Panel Clear

FREE as Pet Only with NO PAPERS!!

Don't see the adult you are looking for?

Click HERE to see our reference adults!

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IntCH Timberlines DKMA Above The Law X CH Lazy D's Abbycadabra Bleu

Rafter JM's Sadie Bleu

DOB: 1/5/22

Status: Up & Coming
Black Tri Female

Red Factored
Eyes: Right Blue, Left Brown
Bite: Scissor - full dentition
Height: Approx 15 1/2"
Weight: Approx 22 lbs 
Tail: Docked
Herding Instinct: Moderate

Full Panel Testing: Parents Tested
(Sire is CLEAR, Dam is DM Carrier) 





Rafter JM's Chew On This  X CH Rafter JM's Star Gazer



DOB 07-11-2018
Status: Active
Blue Merle Male

Red Factored
Left Eye: Blue

Right Eye: 1/4 Blue
Bite: Scissor- full dentition
Height: 17" in
Weight: 33 lbs
Tail: Docked
Herding Instinct: Strong

Full Panel Testing: CLEAR​

Pedigree & Health Testing

DOB 03-31-2018
Status: Active
Red Tri Male
Eyes: Amber
Bite: Scissor- full dentition
Height: 18 in
Weight: 35 lbs
Tail: Docked
Herding Instinct: Moderate

Full Panel Testing: CLEAR

Pedigree & Health Testing

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Sadie is my wild child! She goes 90 miles an hour doing anything! She needs a firm hand to keep her in check but she is most loving dog.  That massive energy can translate into nervous energy very quickly if she doesn't have an outlet.  She has not spent much time on a leash and would need some work to walk on a lead smoothly.  She has deserved her retirement and is available to a retirement home for FREE.

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This girl is a go getter.  She loves to play and loves other dogs.  She is going to be amazing!  She may take a little bit to adjust, but we expect her to blossom in a new home.  $1200 with full rights.

*We will continue our foster/rehome program even after the retirement of our kennel to ensure all of our past puppies will forever have a good home!

About Rafter JM Aussies

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DOB: 10-23-2018

Status: Active

Black Tri Female

Red Factored

Eyes: Left: Blue - Right: Brown

Bite: Even - Full Dentition

Height: Approx. 16.5"

Weight: 30 lbs

Tail: Docked

Herding Instinct: Moderate

Full Panel Testing: DM Carrier

Pedigree & Health Testing

IntCH Timberline's DKMA Above the Law X IntCH/NatCH Rafter JM's Luck of the Charmed

CH Rafter JM's Star Gazer

-ASDR Adult Level 1 Champion, North Texas Sunflower Classic, McKinney, TX  2022-