Welcome to Rafter JM Aussies!!! Located in Southeastern Oklahoma we are close to both Texas and Arkansas. We are preservation Miniature Australian Shepherd breeders that register with MASCA (Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America), IMASC (International Miniature Australian Shepherd Club), and ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry). We strive to produce only the finest quality dogs who not only have outstanding confirmation but have matching personalities. Our dogs are an essential part of our cattle operation and our lives. We use the Bio-Sensor Super Dog Program to promote neurological and immune system health and have started using Puppy Culture! Whether you are looking for a companion, a working dog, a service dog or a champion, you can find it here at Rafter JM Aussies!

Who We Are

My husband and I are cattle ranchers raising red and black

angus commercial beef, living in Southeastern Oklahoma.

We met at a college rodeo and the rest...well, its history!

We are proud to say that after six years of marriage
we welcomed our first living child, a son, Logan Elliott Dow on
September 22, 2014.  On May 7, 2018 our family grew again

with the birth of our twin girls, Maddison Paige and

McKinley Brooke.  On April 6, 2021 we welcomed another

set of twins, two boys, Watson Creed and Wyatt Oliver!

To say we are blessed is an understatement! 

Our roots are grounded in our faith and our love for this way
of life. Rodeo has played a huge role, living on both sides of
the fence so to speak. From competing to contracting, we
have done it all.  I have put thousands and thousands of
miles on blacktop and I couldn't have done it without my
companions, my partners in crime, my best friends, my dogs.

I have had my fair share of mutts, Labradors, Blue
Heelers, and Catahoulas.  The breed that stood out to me
in all aspects as being "The One" was the Miniature
Australian Shepherd.  Don't let the word Mini scare you.  
Breed standard says to be classified as a Mini they must
stand between 14" and 18" at the withers. If you don't have
a measuring tape on you, they weigh between about 25 lbs and 40 lbs. Approximately the size of heelers. I actually find them very comparable to heelers in drive, with the exception they are much more emotionally driven and responsive. 

The "Mini Aussie" temperament is different for each dog. Some are extremely hyper, energetic dogs and are very cuddly dogs, if you will let them be. Some tend to be reserved, a one-person-dog, but with their "master" they are loyal cuddle bugs! Our stud Duelly  is a very special dog to us, to me.  He sleeps inside and is spoiled. (Yes I admit it). He has done so much good for me,  I don't even know where to start! Its like he truly understands my heart and soul! He has gotten me through some tough times!  Sometimes there is that special bond that can't be explained.  Several Mini Aussies have gone on to become actual working Service Dogs, even some of ours.  He may not be a service dog, but Duelly is definitely my therapy dog! 

However, Mini Aussies are NOT FOR EVERYONE!  They aren't generally aggressive by nature but have phenomenal herding instinct. They are stock dogs. Working dogs. Service Dogs. They MUST have a job or stay busy! They need to run and exercise ALOT! All of my dogs come inside my house.  They don't all sleep inside but they are welcomed company.  Aussies make great house dogs, but they have to have ample free time to be outside and run! I can't stress this enough! They are first and foremost working dogs by nature, you can't change their DNA.  Not all aussies are social butterflies.  Some don't like strangers and don't want too much attention.  Some don't even want to leave home, while others you have to pry out of your vehicle because they load up the second they hear the keys jingle. 

 I have owned all sizes of Aussies; Standard, Miniature, and even Toy!  The Mini's fit our needs perfectly! Whether it be the cattle, or my chickens, their herding instinct shines through and their size is their advantage. Not too big and not too small. We strive to keep around only dogs with an off switch. If I can't call them off, I don't want them! That's just asking for trouble!  I try not to borrow trouble if I don't have to. 

My dogs are my best friends, my ranch help, and champions!  I have been adamant since day one about having only the best quality.  I don't make it a habit to breed any dog that isn't champion quality! If I acquire a dog that isn't championed, you better believe it will be!  But enough about me! Lets get back to talking about the Mini's! 

Miniature Australian Shepherds are just that; a smaller version, a size variety, of the Australian Shepherd.  They are 100% Pure Bred! We have produced several "standard" size aussies out of two minis.  The mini size variety was adapted by breeding two small aussies.  By taking the smallest aussies and breeding them to small aussies you get....Minis! Its pretty simple folks! That is why our minis are on the large scale (as far as minis go).  The original Australian Shepherd was actually the size of our minis.  They were sheep dogs.  Americans started breeding them larger for cattle and for show.  AKC has recently created a NEW BREED for smaller aussies (aka minis) they have named Miniature American Shepherds.  We do NOT agree with this.  They are in every way AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS!  Some of our breeding stock is actually out of two standard sized AKC registered Australian Shepherds.  Why would we divorce their heritage and pedigree and become a new breed?  We are proud of our Australian Shepherds! This is not negotiable for us!   

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