Rafter JM Cattle Co.

Est. 2005 

Ranching for our future!

Established in 2005 and located in Southeastern Oklahoma, Rafter JM Cattle Co. is a family owned and operated commercial cattle operation.  We are a husband and wife team with three young children striving daily to live for God, to raise our children to love God, to respect and love animals, to appreciate agriculture and live the cowboy way of life!  We go above and beyond with our herd, whether in the rain or shine, sleet or snow, we are there providing and caring for our cattle.  We take pride in our cattle and strive to offer only the best that we possibly can!

Vision Statement:

Rafter JM Cattle Co. is a ranching based agribusiness focused on the profitable, progressive, and sustainable production of premium quality beef.   Rafter JM Cattle Co. strives to be a respected and responsible neighbor and an asset to our community.  We strive to provide a family friendly environment, bringing honor and glory to God, serving our local church and community.   We will be good and humble stewards of the land, providing wholesome food for generations to come.  We respect and value our employees, partnering with them to develop for the future.  We will leave a legacy that is ingrained with the values of a hard work ethic, a good name, and unwavering integrity.

Mission Statement:

We are a cow-calf operation that routinely retains and stocker our calves.  We implement sustainable and progressive practices. We pride ourselves on our stewardship of the land, our contributions to the local community, and the legacy we are leaving for our future.  We focus on operating in a way that glorifies God, being known for our honesty, integrity, quality and service.  We UTILIZE the God-given resources, ENHANCING production, CONVERTING those resources into beef that will feed America.

In 2018, we expanded our operation. In 2020, we were blessed with the opportunity to expand yet again!  With all of our calves, we wean, precondition and then stocker, qualifying for the Zoetis WeanVac program.  We retain them until they reach an average weight between 750 lbs and 900 lbs at which time they either go to market or we keep them and feed them out for beef.  We run a 300 day grazing program, involving rotational grazing which includes both native and improved pasture, planted Cereal Rye and Oats and/or wheat, as well as hay and a customized commodity blend and of course, free choice mineral.   

💲💲💲 We are HIRING for a full time ranch hand position! 💲💲💲

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Rafter JM Cattle Co.

Jennifer Dow


Cell: (903) 249-4231 


AI Sire for our Fall 2020 Herd

🥩 We will have the beef available fall 2020. 🥩 
You can purchase a half or a whole beef.  
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A.I. Sires

💲💲💲 We are HIRING for a full time ranch hand position! 💲💲💲

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Rafter JM Cattle Co.

Justin Dow


Cell: (580) 916-0463

Work: (901) 208-6030 


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Next Calf Sale:

To Be Announced -  Spring 2021

AI Sire for our Spring 2020 Herd

AI Sire for our Spring 2020 Herd

AI Sire for our Fall 2020 Herd