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Est. 2005 

Ranching for our future!

Established in 2005 and located in Southeastern Oklahoma, Rafter JM Cattle Co. is a family owned and operated commercial cattle operation.  We are a husband and wife team with three young children striving daily to live for God, to raise our children to love God, to respect and love animals, to love agriculture and live the cowboy way of life!  We go above and beyond with our herd, whether in the rain or shine, sleet or snow, we are there providing and caring for our cattle.  We take pride in our cattle and strive to offer only the best that we possibly can!

We currently run two separate herds.  All of our calves are put through a Zoetis SelectVac VAC45 modified-live vaccination protocol, dewormed, branded and eartagged.  We keep back our Red Angus heifers with long term goals of being able to offer only top end Red Angus genetics, that are Top Dollar Angus qualified, Red Angus Association Yellow Tag age source and verified cattle, offered in both a fall herd and a spring herd. 

In 2018, we expanded our operation, building onto our existing spring herd.  Our spring herd is a primarily Black Angus and Black Angus-Cross commerical herd with some Red Angus cows in the herd.  For the 2019 spring calving season, they were bred to Black Angus & Charolais bulls.  For a 2020 spring calving season, we artificially inseminated to top Black and Red Angus genetics and we are using both Black and Red Angus Top Dollar Angus qualified clean up bulls. 

Our fall herd is a Red Angus, Top Dollar Angus qualified, DNA tested using Igenity with GeneSeek, and RAA Yellow Tagged  commercial herd. We artificially inseminate to Top Dollar Angus, top notch Red Angus bulls and only use Top Dollar Angus qualified Red Angus clean up bulls.  

In late 2019, we were able to acquire 4 additional Top Dollar Qualified Red Angus bulls from R.A. Brown genetics and turn a larger portion of our herd red through the culling process and purchasing Red Angus replacements.  Beginning in 2020, all of our bulls will be registered Red Angus bulls and all of our calves will qualify for the RAA Yellow Tag; an age, breed and source verification program.   

With all of our calves, we wean, precondition and then stocker, feeding them until they reach an average weight between 750 lbs and 900 lbs.   We are running a 300 day grazing program, involving rotational grazing which includes both native and improved pasture, planted Cereal Rye and/or wheat, as well as hay and a customized commodity blend and of course, free choice mineral.   

Rafter JM Cattle Co.

Jennifer Dow


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Next Calf Sale:

To Be Announced -  Summer 2020

AI Sire for our Spring 2020 Herd

AI Sire for our Fall 2020 Herd

AI Sire for our Spring 2020 Herd

AI Sire for our Fall 2020 Herd

🥩 We will have the beef available this fall. 🥩 
You can purchase a half or a whole beef.  
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Rafter JM Cattle Co.

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