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Rafter JM Cattle Co.

Jenny Dow


Cell: (903) 249-4231 


Rafter JM Cattle Co.

Justin Dow


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We are excited to offer a selection of USA beef sold by the side!

✅We are BQA & BeefCARE Certified, and Source & Age Verified! ✅
🌱🌱Grass raised and grain finished for 120-150 Days! 🌽🌾

⚖️Available by the half or whole.⚖️
Our calves will weigh 1200 lbs - 1500 lbs depending on the animal.

Carcass weight PER HALF will roughly be 350-450 lbs per side and will yield approximately 245 - 315 lbs of freezer beef!

⭐️Harvest date November 7, 2022⭐️
⭐️Harvest date February 2023⭐️

💲Priced per lbs. on the rail (CARCASS weight) processing INCLUDED!💲

⭐️Pick up in Durant, Oklahoma directly from the butcher!⭐️

Get it processed the way YOU want it!  *See cut sheet below!

💲Place a deposit to secure your side!💲

We are taking deposits for our

February 2023 harvest! 

Thank you to everyone who purchases a side of  beef from us!

YOU are helping keep America's ranching industry alive!

    Beef Sides SOLD:

        Processing November 7, 2022   |   Processing February 2023        


       Name       Status of Beef#NameStatus of Beef
1Steve B.HANGING1        AVAILABLE       
On Feed

Justin D.

4Justin D.HANGING4

On Feed


On Feed

According to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture this is what could be expected from a 1,000 lb steer. *The information in this brochure represents an average. The actual live weight to retail cuts yield varies, and is dependent on various factors such as breed, fat to muscle ratio, cutting order, age, etc.

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Rafter JM Cattle Co.

Est. 2005 

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Jenny Dow

What will each side of beef yield?

Each half of beef will yield a certain amount of each cut based on both the anatomy and the size of each animal.  For instance:

There will only be one (1) Rump Roast, one (1) Pikes Peak Roast, and one (1) Brisket per side of beef.  You have the option (and we suggest) to have them cut in half, which would yield you two (2). 

The other roasts included will determined by how much meat is available in that area of the animal. 

The number of steaks available are determined by how thick you want them cut and how many that particular cut of meat will yield.  If you have them cut thinner, you will have more steaks and vice versa.  The bigger the animal, typically the more steaks you will get.  

As far as round steak; each side of beef can yield quite a few.  We suggest grinding half of the round steaks as hamburger and tenderizing the remaining half as round steaks. 

Anything you DO NOT want will be will ground up for hamburger.   

Extras:  You can also get the delicacy organs such as the tongue, heart and liver.  Sometimes the butcher will include it without you asking for it.  It makes for great fishing bait if you get them but don't want them!  There is no extra charge for these items if you get them.

*There is an extra upcharge if you decide to have the entire animal ground for hamburger. 

Beef is hung and dry aged for a minimum of 10 days before butchering.  All cuts are vacuum sealed and frozen before pickup with the exception of hamburger patties, which are wrapped in paper. 

Thank you and God Bless!