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Rafter JM Cattle Co.

Est. 2005 

Rafter JM Cattle Co.

Jennifer Dow


Cell: (903) 249-4231

Rafter JM Cattle Co.

Justin Dow


Cell: (580) 916-0463

Work: (901) 208-6030

We are excited to offer a selection of USA beef sold by the side!


✅Antibiotic Free
✅Hormone Free
✅Home Raised Beef

🌱🌱Pasture raised and grain finished! 🌽🌾

⚖️Available by the half or whole.

⭐️First Group will harvest September 29th.
Second Group will harvest October 5th.

Third Group will harvest October 27th.

💲Place a deposit to secure your side!

⭐️Pick up in Durant, Oklahoma directly from the butcher!

Get it processed the way YOU want it!  *See cut sheet below!

All sides available in 2020 are SOLD!
Thank you to everyone who purchased a side of  beef from us!

YOU are helping keep America's ranching industry alive!

Beef Sides SOLD:


1Justin D. - PAID
2Steve D. - PAID

Kathryn C. - PAID

4Jeff P. - PAID
5Hilary P. - PAID
6Chris H. - PAID
7Susan W. - PAID
8Melissa L. - PAID
9Sheri W. - PAID
10Rhonda B. - PAID
11Linda B. - PAID
12Ginger H. - PAID
13Tammie B. - PAID
14Kathryn C. - PAID
15Kathryn C. - PAID
16Ryan S. - PAID
17Ryan S. - PAID
18Emily D. - PAID
19Mary C. - PAID
20Diana D. - PAID
21Sam J. - PAID
22Pamela G. - PAID

Steve B. - PAID

24Jeff B. - PAID
25Sunny M. - PAID
26Becky G. - PAID

Thomas & Kristi A. - PAID

28Chris H. - PAID

According to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture this is what could be expected from a 1,000 lb steer. *The information in this brochure represents an average. The actual live weight to retail cuts yield varies, and is dependent on various factors such as breed, fat to muscle ratio, cutting order, age, etc.

Click the image below to download a .pdf format. 

Ranching for our future!

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